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Everyone dreams of going to another country to delve in a different world and other climatic conditions, to fill their lives with new emotions. As a rule, the way of living of any person is as follows: work – home, home – work, occasional walkouts to parks, movies, clubs and museums. But many people do not event go to museums in their own city saying they are boring – but will be happy to accept an invitation to travel.
Same with me. I could not even think that going to one country would not be the last one, and that a series of wonderful adventures was waiting for me.
When my friend and I were thinking of where to go, Amun-Ra came and suggested that we begin with Egypt. He warned that I should not count on lazy lying in the sun by the water because I had to face hard ascensions and contacts, and that I had to obtain knowledge and increase my energy potential.
I giggled and, naturally, agreed because all material support for my travel – as well as safety – was in the hands of the Divine Ones.

1 Egypt
2 Petra, Jordan
3 Lhasa, Eastern Tibet
4 The central Tibet
5 India
6 Peru
7 Chile
8 Остров Пасхи
9 Израиль
10 Англия
11 Шотландия
12 Исландия
13 Япония
14 Южная Корея. Сеул

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