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A wonderful country, famous for its music, bright clothes and numerous temples. I believe all people born before 1980 were raised by Indian movies showing great love. The love we miss so much in this life… The land of the ancient Aryans. The source of light and love.
February 27, 2008. I arrived in Delhi, but no Divines Ones were meeting me – or maybe, they were just standing aside. The loquacious guide told a lot about the country. Fortunately, on the first days, I had a guide who talked Russian very well.
Wedding processionImmediately, we saw a bridal procession. Very bright dresses and a lot of tinsel. Indeed, India is a country of sparkling dresses. The “other” came at night. They were kind, wrapping me in love, and I felt like home, maybe a little bit different.
February 28, 2008. We are going to Taj Mahal and Adrakol, approximately 250 km from Delhi.

Snow-white palace Snow-white palace

En route, we stopped by a wonderful snow-white palace. You have to enter barefoot and leave your shoes with an attendant. This is a Krishnaite temple, and my sense of peace there was like a fairy tale. When I entered the temple and stopped by an image of Krishna, I was approached by the father of our spirits. He talked with me for almost 30 minutes. See my air of detachment, the guide stepped aside not to interfere with my communication with the other world.
The man of a caste sikhiI really liked the Sikh men. They are so exotic! Their doctrine combines Islam, Christianity and Buddhism. They have holy book, and they worship only the doctrines described there. They put up their head-dress in such an interesting way that it looks just charming. When I was leaving India, the airport was full of soldiers. They wore sky-blue uniforms, and there were many Sikhs among them. The blue colour does match men – and such handsome ones…

Palace of Agra Taj Mahal

Taj MahalWe arrived at Taj Mahal. The Agra Palace is a real jewel and a wonder of the world. But I was visited by the dead ones in this jewel. They were walking nearby. The guide saw my embarrassment and tried to stay away.
In Delhi, we visited the temple of Krishna (Shiva). I had a meeting near the statue of Vishnu. The guide was hardly able to pick up my things. Taj MahalI began bending back as if making a bridge. Some invisible power was pushing me, and my hands were heavy. The guide was shocked! Near the statue of Shiva, something incredible began happening to me: my arms, legs and the whole body began performing some dancing moves. I could not stop. Later, the guide said it was exactly the way the dance of Shiva was performed. At that moment, when I was dancing irrespective of my will, I was surrounded my numerous tourists watching my sophisticated body moves in delight. My fingers were making various signs, and my head was swaying. Now I can tell everything I had was moving. I had never danced anything like that before. This event really embarrassed me. But when I was on the plane to Delhi, I had a nap and saw myself dancing the divine dance of Shiva – fully dressed in the dancing clothes. I was amused by the dream – which came true in some way. After what happened to me in the temple, my guide was happily telling the driver about my reflexive dance.
DanglonFebruary 29, 2008. I am going to Danglon. I always feel sleepy so I sleep standing and while waiting in line for check-in, or when just waiting. Very painful injections are regularly made into the vein on my right arm.
I have heard a lot about Sai Baba, that he is an avatar, etc. No doubt, I had a tremendous wish to see him. I stayed at a private inn because no rooms were vacant in Ashram. The inn was neat and clean, although expensive. I stayed there for six days. And all the time, I felt the Divine Ones’ tenderness, and my body was covered with caressing.
March 2, 2008. All night long, I was talking with the Divine Ones. I caught myself nodding as if agreeing to something, and swaying to the left and right. How funny!
Sai Baba is very sick, hardly rising from his wheelchair. He is not old, but he took up the people’s karma to clean. Persuading his numerous pilgrims that their diseases would go away, he pulled their health problems on to himself.
Karma is a law that has to be practiced, or else it will be emburdened. How to do it is up to you. Your karma will not be cleaned, it is just human actions that change its direction to a lower or a higher level.

Hospital He has built hospitals and veterinary clinics.
Museum The grateful Hindus built the Sai Baba Museum reflecting his childhood and life achievements.
Entrance arch On our way to Sai Baba, we entered through an arch.
Kazakhstanis A lot of Kazakhstanis pray in Ashram.
Temple Temple

A rickshaw took me to a small temple where Sai Baba used to pray when a child.
MusicianThere are a lot of musicians around Ashram who sing mantras to wonderful sounds of unusual instruments.
One evening, at the hotel terrace, I felt unusual and decided to take a photo of the sky: and wonderful creatures were caught in the picture, too.Surprising beings
During my six days of staying near Ashram, people would visit me, and I spent nights helping them to see their interior light. Dagestan, Russia, Kazakhstan.
There is a saying that everything is good in its time. When something is due to happen, all conditions must be provided for that. In the Soviet times, our country and a lot of things in the world were "covered" with ignorance and persecution of those attending the temple. Not to mention those who "hear", "see", etc. – they would directly be sent to the nut hospital! I used to regret that what happened to me had not happened much earlier. But I got an explanation from the Divine Ones: "Time has not come yet". If it had happened before, the best I could hope for was a hospital ward, and at the worst, I would have been stoned or cudgelled. The time has come, and many people begin to "hear" and "see". Information about the aliens is provided. A lot of books, and even more readers. A lot of truths. Everyone advertises and glorifies is own truth. But for someone, the truth is a medicine, and for someone younger, it is poison. The difference is in the level of people's spiritual maturity. But people do not feel their own soul, read a lot, take the ridiculous for the truth – but this is their level. For a child, all animals can talk the human language, and the child holds it true. But they talk the human language of the soul, and this is not understandable for a child.

India India
India India

IndiaWonderful architecture, with a lot of small details covering each centimetre of the building telling about the life of Gods. The Indians are an openly loving people. But India is full of the disabled and beggars.


Catholic chapel A lot of Catholic chapels.
India India
India India
India India

Numerous temples, and it is impossible to remember everyone's name. I visited many cities, and I don't think all temples are named differently. It is basically temples of Shiva and Vishnu.

Feast of ablutionMarch 14, 2008. At one of the temples, I got to the feast of ablution.
Despite my resistance, they rubbed ash on my forehead in many temples. But in this one, no ash was smeared on my head. I was followed by an attendant who said that if I did not take communion (and pay for it), Shiva would punish my karma severely. I said to him that Shiva was in my heart and not in the attendant's ash, and he got angry.

Goats It is very difficult to drive because the streets are filled up with walking goats, lying cows and dogs. People walk along the driveway without looking back, with cars behind!
palace of King Thirtalay Naik palace of King Thirtalay Naik

palace of King Thirtalay NaikMarch 15, 2008. A wonderful thing happened with me in the palace of King Thirtalay Naik, built in 1636. The Divine Ones approached me in the palace to sit me down to a column base. The guide was sitting in front of me, at the other column. My arms began moving erratically, as if dancing. Tears flushed down from my eyes. The eyes stayed open, by the tears went on and on. Each arm was moving irrespective of the other, as if they were other people's arms. My fingers were making different Indian gestures symbolising letters or words. I had a feeling that someone was trying to tell something using my gestures. The guide, his eyes wide open, was shocked and was watching those gestures closely. The "dance" lasted for about 20 minutes. I heard explanations in my head, and they confused me. While my arms were moving, I had a feeling of someone touching my face, and something heavy on my head, which felt like a heavy palm.
Back in the hotel, I was eating tangerines and thinking it all over. As I was reflecting, I heard some thoughts saying that I had to treat someone with a cantle of tangerine. I took a segment and held it out on my palm. And very realistically, I felt some invisible lips touch my fingers trying delicately to eat the tangerine cantle from my hands. I had fever in my body, and felt a burning sensation in my back, as if I was close to an open fire. And sweat streaked all over my body. What a miracle!

India India
India India
India India

March 16, 2008. I visited the greatest temple of Ranganahasvari. My trip will be over soon – three more cities, I will go home.
GuideAfter Ashram, I had a guide who only spoke English. But this did not hamper our trip, because we understood each other perfectly.
In one of the cities, I was settled at a hotel considered to be a highrise by Indian standards.

HotelMy room was on the sixth floor. In the evening, we visited great temples, and after dinner, I went back to my room. It was not yet late, and I could read for a while. During the day, I had felt regular prickles in different parts of my body but did not think too much of them, because this had been happening continuously. But I should have.
At 9:00 PM, I felt tension around, and something prompted I had to put the book aside and go to bed. But before I closed my eyes, I was taken off my bed up to the ceiling. The fan, with its huge blades, was right by my face. I was terrified I could be hurt because I felt strong air waves going off the blades. I was taken up with my blanket. The window was closed with a blind. I was turned to face the window and inexplicably – and noiselessly – taken out of the window, through the blinds and the window-pane. I was hanging horizontally outside the window, my back turned to the hotel. I panicked. Cars and people were moving under me, and I was there hanging in the air in a mysterious way. Then, I slowly went up to the roof. And then, went up the sky sharply. I came to in my room, in bed. As always, I don't remember what happened with me. But it was a miracle, and a true one!
March 17, 2008. In the huge temple of Genesh, the son of Shiva, I was administered communion with ash. Everyone lays flowers to the base of the statue, and an attendant gave me a flower during the communion – a crimson-coloured lotus. Isn't it great!

Central square March 18, 2008. We headed for the Indian Ocean. We crossed the central square.
The drover and elephant There were elephant handlers on the way, but I could not take an elephant ride.
Monkey India

When you photograph monkeys, you have to pay attention. The monkey will pull off the camera, and you will never catch them.

The Indian God The Indian god.
Indian ocean The Indian Ocean. I want to say, "Linger you now, you are so fair!"
Fish A dangerous fish – even dead, it will sting you with its tail.
Sea hedgehog A lot of sea urchins, and the Indians eat them alive. What they do is they tear the urchin apart and drink it up.
Coconut plantations Coconut plantations

Coconut plantations.

Ship A huge ship seems tiny at a distance.
Temple of meditations The temple of meditations.
Temple of Kanjakumari Devi Island

памятник великого индийского поэта ТирувалувараThere is an island not far from the continent with a grand temple of Kanyakumari Devi, Goddess Parvati and a monument to the celebrated Indian poet Thiruvalluvar. We took a boat to get to the island.
March 19, 2008. I was nervous by the end of my trip. The flight from Chennai to Delhi was late, and I thought I wouldn't make it to the Kazakhstani plane. But the Divine Ones came to say the Kazakhstani flight would be late by one hour. I did not believe. Once in Delhi, I was making my way to the check-in sector – and what a miracle! I had to wait for my plane for an hour although the plane I had taken was delayed significantly. Great! I apologised for my lack of faith in the Divine Ones, and thanked for their help.
At home. It's great to be back at home. No country better than mine!

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