Магистр высшей магии, Хотея поможет вам в ваших проблемах. Также вы сможете прикоснуться к сокралам неизвестного и понять что такое истина,через учения и картины. Хотея, ufo-hoteya, Потусторонние миры, истинная религия, новая религия, демоны, боги, исцеление, магия, алматинская целитильница, исцеление в алмате, иные миры, решение любых проблем, алмата, алматы, отворот, снятие порчи и сглаза, магистр высшей магии, нло, уфо
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Irrespective of the contents in a picture, all works have the same function – help their new owners in the requests you refer to the picture with.
A lot depends on a person, his or her thoughts and the product of such thoughts – words and deeds. Listen attentively, and you will hear an answer; want, and your wishes will come true. But first, you have to interpret yourself as consistent to the whole world and try avoiding secret and sheer thoughts that bear aggression, fear, offence, infamy, lie, and irresponsibility – everything that tempts your brain as a low-frequency energy.
The world changes around us – not through the years but rather upon opening your soul to accept the light of love, mercy and compassion.
First of all, I would like to unfold my paintings to you – what a human eye cannot see. I will then describe the photos and tell you about my extraordinary trips and contacts with “the other”, with what sometimes fills people with inexplicable consternation, unimaginable tenderness and infinite love.
When communicating with my congregants and disciples, I told them about the miracles I had encountered 24 hours a day. They are always unpredictable. But there are always medical interventions and inexplicable joy, and such feelings cannot be expressed by any happy moments in a physical life.
But can a human tongue express – no matter how eloquent it is – the mystic colours of the other world, or describe the appearance of inhabitant of other planets and dimensions.
I was given a gift from the Divine Ones – the ability to show this world to people using a brush, adequate to my knowledge and skills.
I am not looking for understanding and support for my vision in your conscience, because what cannot be explained by a regular material vision is always termed insanity. However, to support my comprehension of myself as an adequate person within the social environment, I was given people who had not earlier encountered the thin or the “other” world, and found unusual abilities in themselves, so we could see and hear the same together.


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