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My daughter used to persuade me that it was her who planned all her movements, meetings, etc. And she explained a lot of things happened by accident.
But there are no accidents! Every contact of ours, and any event is predetermined. Everything has been pre-planned and included into our agenda. The outcomes are clear. All you have to do is make a choice, and this choice depends on one thing – whether you take a “weapon” or a “rose”. A person has no freedom – but a choice, the choice between the evil and the good. When you say you “build your own fate”, it means you’ve made your choice. If you are possessed by hate, anger or envy, your fate will be identical to that energy. If you are in love, mercy and understanding, your agenda will be alike.
I was convinced by this many times, including this trip.
Actually, having spent a lot of money in Eastern Tibet, I was not even planning to set on a trip too soon – maybe the next year. But it is the Divine Ones who make decisions. They insisted on me going to a travel agency for a trip to Central Tibet, and namely Mount Kailash. They announced I had been invited to go there long before my trips, I just had to recall it.
The agency recommended an operator who was supposed to tell me everything about the place I was going to.
When I first met the operator, i.e. the person who guides you to sacred places, I had a feeling I came across a white lion. Indeed, he looked like one: a shaggy grey mane of wavy hair, big hazel and attentive eyes. Those eyes, full of sarcasm and a sarcastic but welcoming smile, drilled me through revealing their superiority over this world. A man of remarkable intelligence! But as a human being, he was able only to acknowledge himself, everything else was mere dust to him! Every time I saw him (because later we saw each other to discuss world problems), i had a feeling of resistance. And I liked that tournament. I enjoyed suppressing his aggressiveness, and then he seemed a vulnerable lion cub. No, no, our relationships were only based on ideology, though I liked him as a worthy adversary and a man. It’s an interesting combination: hate everything and love everything. But this is what our world holds to. This wonderful and sarcastic man was always persuading me that I was not a climber and was not trained to travel in the mountains, and that the ascension to that mountain would kill me. He said that even professional climbers would die there, leave alone ordinary people. But I had an objective that had to be met.
On the one hand, I was pushed by curiosity of being in contact with the other and – more importantly – get answers to my questions. On the other hand, I had an errand from the Divine Ones to run.
When the operator was again trying to talk me out of going to Mount Kailash, God (Father) came to tell my new friend about our trip and people who were going there. Of course, the man felt His presence through light intoxication.
I told him about the invitation when Tsongkhapa appeared in my room, and I was shown black mountains and a snow-capped peak with a glowing ball on top, and also about creatures with white skin and huge eyes who called themselves the Asciles.
My friend agreed an said he would tell later whether he would take me to that difficult ascension.
A few days later he called to invite me for a talk. I ran to his office with a happy heart and filled with excitement. I was told that a woman connected with Avalokishwara and influenced by him had described me in detail. And that Ishwara himself was waiting for me because the invitation was made by him. Ishwara makes an invitation only once, and so I will go, and the operator will take care of my delivery. And that was decided.
Two weeks before the trip, some red drawings began appearing on my right arm, from the elbow to the hand, as if someone was writing something with red ink. The drawings would disappear 20 minutes later only to be replaced by new ones. Bizarre signs, digits, circles, human silhouettes, lines, snakes, etc. changed each other like in a cartoon. So funny and wonderful. Questions – who? what? why? – followed and followed. I copied one drawing, which had lasted longer, into my notepad. And it turned out later, this description of a place became the key issue for the next few days.
Departure time came. There were three more men at the office, apart from me and the manager (my new friend). But they were going to the outer side of Mount Kailash, following the Tibetans’ way as they ascend the mountain many times in their lives. I was going to the internal side – a dangerous and unpredictable way.
Before going to Central Tibet, I was apprehensive of anything that could be there waiting for me: the operator had described everything in full detail. Many people never came back – and some people would go mad upon return. Naturally, I wound up on those events and realised there would be no way back for me. But I can’t disregard the Divine Ones because I had experienced their ways of punishment.
Having written notes and saying goodbye to my relatives and friends, I set forth to face dangerous adventures.
On October 2, 2007, I came to the office to join my new friends. Two young guys were joking and photographing each other, while the third man, a 50-year-old, did not look beaming happiness. I was struck by this vexing whiner, able only to see the bad things. I tried to strike up a conversation with him but he dodged. As a response to this “attention”, I tried to persuade him to change his mood and attitude to the environment, or he could hardly cover even a short leg of the trip. He flashed a blow of low energy. My words turned out to be prophetical.
We had to cross Kyrgyzstan and then, the Chinese border, and move on to Tibet. A Kyrgyz bus arrived to pick us up, and we got aboard. On our way, the operator was telling wonderful stories about Central Tibet and his spiritual world. I was struck by his memory and physical fitness. A fifty-year-old, tall, with strong muscles and an authoritative Georgian nature. He is Georgian, by the way.
On the way to the Kyrgyz border, we stopped to have a short rest. When I got on the bus I found a tick on my stocking. We destroyed it before it was able to gnaw at my leg. This was a good sign as we were able to avert the danger just in time.
When the bus crossed the Kyrgyz border, the grumpy man asked to be excused and leave the bus. However, we all refused and insisted he should take a pause later on. We hardly covered a few metres when hoses tore out in the vehicle, and all of the cooling fluid leaked out. Taking the hint, we unanimously decided that any needs of the passengers should be met immediately. We poured some water from the river into the hose (thank God, the water was not frozen, and the banks were not too rocky), and went on to our cherished goal, Mount Kailash.
The men sipped cognac from a flask, and everyone but me seemed to be in high spirits. I was feeling anxious due to the reason above. My thoughts were leaping on and on, depicting terrible pictures.
Snow-storm tower90 km from Bishkek, were at the walls of an ancient settlement. Buran Tower minaret, 11th century. It is a functioning minaret, and people come here to pray. The tower used to be 45 metres, but in the 15th century, it was ruined by an earthquake, and only 24.5 metres of the minaret were restored. A legend has it that an astrologer prophesied to the khan that his daughter would die at 16 to a bite by a poisonous spider. So the khan built the tower and settled his daughter up there. She was supplied with food and clothes. When the daughter turned 16 and she was still alive, the khan got angry with the astrologer because he had had his daughter imprisoned for so many years, and walled him up in the basement of the tower. After the astrologer had been walled up, the khan’s daughter was treated with some grapes, and there was a poisonous spider in the grape leaved, which bit her. So the astrologer’s prophesy came true – but he could not be brought to life again.
WellSome wells and gravestones have been excavated in that ancient settlement. Inscriptions on the gravestones are made in different languages.
Behind the At Bashi Range, at 3,200-3,400 metres above sea level, there is a solitary 15th century Tash-Rabat Caravansary, very close to the Chinese border. Some people think it is a Buddhist monastery rather than a commercial transfer centre.

Caravan-shed of Tash-Rabat Mountains

We left that beautiful place having visited and photographed its every corner, and went on to our goal.
Looking up the sky, I was amazed by a sign – the bridge. An arch-like structure with quaint banisters crossed the dome of the sky. It was shining triangles of all colours. This was a good sign which cheered me up, I even got hungry and began looking out of the window for a snack place. We arrived at the hotel by night. And this was our last stop in Kyrgyzstan. I entered the lobby, and waiting for our documents to be processed, sat down on the sofa near a girl who was watching a video. But when I did, something moved underneath me, and the energy of love ran all over my body. After some sitting in the bliss, swaying like in a hammock, on some creature, I stood up, excused myself, and went for dinner having offered the creature a place at the table and some of my food.

Red mountains Red mountains

October 3, 2007. After we crossed the Chinese border, we passed by the red mountains – an amazing sight. Foliated rocks painted bright red would suddenly turn pink, or wine-coloured in the shadow. There was a huge rock on the way, looking lie a human head. It could have been carved this way by people or the nature wanted to impress us. But it was very original!

The central Tibet The central Tibet
The central Tibet The central Tibet
The central Tibet The central Tibet
The central Tibet The central Tibet
The central Tibet The central Tibet

By lunchtime, we had arrived in Kashgar, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region. A modern city, with great architecture. We then reached Yalla and decided to spend a night there. We stayed for a day at a highrise hotel. Having changed and washed away our tiredness, we rushed to the restaurant. We could not eat during the day because the Muslims were fasting, so we had to wait for the night. The restaurant was decorated in the national style and had Uighur music playing. We were offered different national dishes. I had tasted the Uighur cuisine in Kazakhstan – but it was not that delicious at all. I had some trouble because I don’t eat meat. But at that time I could eat fish because I was not a full vegetarian.
October 4, 2007. Early morning, we headed off on a tour of the old city, with its narrow streets and numerous doors. I had a feeling I was in The Diamond Arm movie. The old city rises over the new one. It is located high up the hill and is a museum inhabited with people. You can visit any house, all you do is pay. The new city boasts its architecture of residential houses and minarets. The architects must have been trying to beat each other in their workmanship.
The central streetWhen we were leaving this city, the main street was still green, and when we returned, the trees boasted golden foliage.
On our way, we stopped at a village where various items are made. KnifePeople from all over the district come here to buy sabres, daggers and household items – in a word, things for every day and case.
We were going in two jeeps driven by Chinese drivers. We had an experienced driver, while the other vehicle had a younger one. I was sitting in the front seat, and the guide and the operator were in the same car. The other car had the young people with the grumpy traveller.
Driver At the beginning, I could not set a contact with the driver, but I offered him some food, and he softened and began smiling. We were event joking and teasing each other.
October 4, 2007. Passing Kyrgylyk, I saw eyes on the rocks – just like the Tibetans would draw them. These ones had long lashes and were watching me attentively. The whites of the eyes were yellowish, and the eye itself was dark brown. I had a feeling they wanted to drill me through – they were staring into my forehead – the forehead, not the eyes – with powerful concentration.
Stone wallOctober 5, 2007. I can’t recall the name of the area, but I remember a tall stone wall fencing off the desert. Military exercises were on the way. A great number of military vehicles were scattered all over the desert, and we were amazed to see how numerous they were.
The Chinese guideOur Chinese Guide.

Desert Takla Makan Desert Takla Makan

October 6, 2007. We entered the Takla Makan Desert, 4,600 metres above sea level. The operator would regularly treat the group with some pills to keep our spirit at his altitude.
We settled for the night in small plywood huts. We wrapped ourselves in huge blankets helpfully offered by hosts. All night, I was approached by pairs of eyes, blue and grey, and heard an unexplainable whisper – or I thought it was a whisper. What did they want? Why did they come?
The Tibetan plateauTibet Plateau. Tibet begins with this place. Do not believe the inscription on the stone, it’s for tourists. It should say 5,083 metres above sea level, because we did check. The operator brought along the altitude metre, and we had regular communication with the other car over the radio informing them about the altitude. And that sign is for tourists – see we are being fooled by advertising, and not told the truth. Find comfort in the illusion, the farther the higher. Just imagine the altitude: Mt. Everest would not even look like Everest, and to hell with the real altitude!
I had conversations in my head all the way. It’s like two creatures using my brain as a radio between their locations. They talk, and I can’t do anything! The head is mine, and they use it unscrupulously as they are experienced in extraterrestrial technology. They talk with their thoughts about different world views, and I seem to be overhearing them. A weird feeling!
The other car had a strange situation all the way. Later, we concluded that it was all the fault of one of the passengers – the wicked grumbler who hated everyone, especially me. Sacred places cannot be visited by evil people as they will be punished anyway. But their presence affects soft-hearted ones, and that’s exactly what happened.
Before we crossed the Chinese border, we got a flat tire, for starters…, and then more things happened, more of suffering by vehicles and people.
The temperature was changing all the time – you could find yourself in the middle of winter and autumn. No summer though, but autumn was frequently replaced by winter.
YaksYaks are the basic staple of the Tibetans, grazing everywhere, and there are also a lot of wild yaks.
We met a cyclist from Palestine. He is heading to Kailash while we use jeeps to cross the desert. BicyclistWe should follow this young man, up to the mountains, despite the snow. Good for your health, although you can be eaten by wolves or wild dogs. But he is not afraid! Fortune favours the bold, and Tibet is just Tibet, nothing more……!!!

Lake Lake

LakeThe next stopover was by the lake – a very nice one, with icy wind pursuing you. The lake is bubbling with 2 to 3 kilo trout. But to get to the kitchen, you had to follow a narrow road, with rocks to the left and an abyss to the right. In some places, two cars would hardly pass one another. They had to back up to a place to wait for the other car to pass. And if cars follow each other, and you stand at that place behind the rock, you don’t see the caravan, and have to back up. But we got tot the kitchen in a different way. The road to Mount Kailash is covered with the mirror of luck. When we approached the lake, two hours before a rock had fallen on the road. We lost time waiting for the roc to be crushed – it’s a pity jeeps don’t fly. When we came up, the boulder had already been crushed by the Tibetans, and the road was relatively.
SeagullsThe Tibetans set nets for trout, and the local seagulls the size of our geese get trapped in those nets hunting for free fish. So people throw the freeloaders away and swear the gulls distract them fro kitchen work.

The central Tibet The central Tibet
The central Tibet The central Tibet
The central Tibet The central Tibet
The central Tibet The central Tibet
The central Tibet The central Tibet
The central Tibet The central Tibet

October 7, 2007. We are now closer to our goal. We arrived in the Kingdom of Guge and stayed in the village of Darchen, 250 km from the mountain. Early morning, we went to see the ruins on the Sutlej River banks. We walked the ground trodden by its first inhabitants in 2800 BC.

Monastery of 10 centuries Tholing Monastery of 10 centuries Tholing
Monastery of 10 centuries Tholing Monastery of 10 centuries Tholing

Monastery of 10 centuries TholingWhile in the 10th century Tholing Monastery, I felt energy accompanying me until I left the main gate of the monastery. We met some guys from Ukraine in the monastery who were also heading for Kailash, the outer side of it. They told sad news about the internal side – one of their friends went up there and decided to go down at night, without staying for the night. But he lost his way. The Divine Ones helped him by lining up along the descending route and showing him the way. When he approached one of them, the Divine One would disappear having fulfilled his task. The man came back but his mind was much disturbed. His mind could not explain the miracle he saw, and he became demented. This did not scare me because I often witness the great diverse ways of the Divine Ones.
PlateauFrom Guge, we went up the plateau; it was difficult to breathe, and you had an omelette in your brain, but still it was great.
Tibetan dogs are more ferocious than wolves. If a stranger entered a place, and the owner had failed to lock up the dogs, they would make no scruple of quickly eating the stranger. The Tibetan dogsThe dogs are hardly fed at all, and they have to hunt. A lonely traveller has a risk of being eaten up – do not ride bikes alone, or you will make a good lunch! It is also too cold, so you can freeze.
At night I saw round rufous eyes bulging from their sockets as if pressed from within, turning around in a funny way. The creature seemed to be trying to tell something. But no information came through – it either failed to find appropriate words or maybe there was another reason.
The next overnight stop was in a tiny room, while the others stayed at a larger one. But I always sleep alone – it’s a set term because I am a woman…
Woken up by mice rustling, I put up my arm to fix the blanket – and strange enough, yellow lightnings flashed from my arm illuminating the dark room. I did not feel any discomfort, but the lightnings went off my fingers in very clear lines. This lasted for about 3 minutes. Recalling the phenomenon, I fail to straighten it up in my mind. OK, you get some illumination on your fingers when you bring your hands together as if playing batut or rolling a neon ball, it is okay. But lightnings…! Like some thunder-bearer! What a gag!!!
Desert Takla MakanLet’s go back to the Takla Makan Desert! Interesting things happened while we were crossing it. The surrounding snow and beauty is a fact – but there are things that cannot be seen by ordinary people. Naturally, I do not consider myself extraordinary, just somewhat different. Anyway, I was sitting in the front seat next to the driver when suddenly a huge crimson-coloured ball rose above the desert. The ball had a brilliant green glow around. The snow and everything that had been white became crimson, and there was a fiery yellow sun inside the ball. I hurried up to take a photo – I made the right choice. The sky was lit up by the sun, surrounded by alien spaceships. A huge sign to the left of the sun embodied the harmony of soul and body. People have a bone in their celiac plexus which looks exactly like that sign. I was told I shouldn’t be afraid – but at that time I was not aware of that and still was nervous. I was told that was the first gate before the mountain. I painted this picture.
After one kilometre, we entered something maroon. No, no, the car went on, but I felt the way differently, somewhat like more viscous. It was like crumpled paper, huge, boundless, sorrel-coloured. To the right and left, there were octagons with eyes inside, watching our car. A pink light with bright crimson and violet Tibetan eyes was glowing inside the eyes. The paper then opened up, and we went through the paper barrier like a toy car. This was the second gate to the mountain.
We then got into an organism, and I saw the vascular system from inside. Lighting discharges were running like blood, flashing in different places and turning into circles, starting from the centre. To photograph a kid, he or she is told, say cheese! And then, the camera clicks, and the lens opens and closes in circles. Same here. The organism opened up, and like the lens I saw our world with white snow. Then, it closed down, and everything became different: the sky red, the snow crimson. Everything was crackling electric discharges, moved, and merged in weird circles of flowers.
Leaving the third gate, I saw a colour game begin around the sun. Imagine quartz pyramids laid out underneath sunrays with their edges touching each other. They all glow, move and change colours and tints. This was what the sun had. Great, indeed!
But alas, it’s only myself who can see it.
Let’s go back to the second car. During our trek across the desert, its driver decided to overpass us. On the slippery road, he crashed into a snowbank when making a turn, and the car went skidding. After a dangerous lurch, it sat back on its four wheels. The passengers crawled out of the car, white-faced. The car had been behind us, and we could not watch it. It turned out the passengers had numerous tests, balancing on the verge of a n abyss, or sliding on ice risking to crash in a ditch. But we knew who made the weather!
Our driver, too, decided he was a stuntman. We went up a tall mountain, with a serpentine road. However, the driver wanted to take a shortcut – but how? Up at 45 degrees on the snow and crumbling rocks.
After the first try, the car slid back like a boat – and you should see the abyss around the mountain, and the height. The driver took the serpentine road and tried again. The cat stood up on its rear wheels, with its front wheel rising into the sky. The terror I had could not be described. We could easily topple over on the roof. Along the slope, with an abyss below! But the Divine Ones helped us again and out the car back on its four wheels. You may not believe it – but it’s true. The slope is really steep, and there were heavy men sitting in rear seats, and various stuff in the trunk. All this made our jeep stood up like a playful horse.
The driver again wanted to take a shortcut, on a different road. Screwed up, he went back to the starting point and, feeling sad he failed to become a superman – or the grave-digger for his passengers – went the right way.
The roads in Tibet are not covered with asphalt and are nothing but sliding rocks, bumpy and narrow. When making turns, you see an abyss rather than a road. So you know the way our souls were tortured. I was clinging to a handle with both hands until we stopped. My hands felt numb for quite a while after that, and my heart was beating violently. Since that time, I never go to the front seat as a passenger – I cannot overcome the fear.
We stopped at the village of Mazan. The Divine Ones – I think, Lucifer – came at night. I was scared first, but then calmed down. A lot of mice were rustling all night long. The beds were creaking of weight as if somebody was there. And my eyes were filled by blinding light which filled up all around you. When I opened my eyes I saw flashes all around the room, like lightning discharges.
October 9, 2007. We arrived at the foothill of Mount Kailash. Three days before, a man died on the outer side, and the road was blocked to tourists. But on the day we arrived, it was opened.
We split. The grumpy man and the guys got a map form the operator, names of stops, and drugs, and headed towards the outer side.
We needed a guide. No one wanted to accompany us, i.e. my friend and me.
PorterThe guides refused to go to the internal side saying it was dangerous because of snow – but we did persuade one. Those Tibetans are strange people – our guide had sneakers and light clothes, jumping from a hill to a hill like a goat. He did not seem troubled by the altitude and thin air. What’s more interesting, his feet, in snow-wet sneakers, did not get cold.
The Tibetans had been deprived of firearms, although allowed to carry sidearms because wild animals and stray dogs are a common sight, and often attack people.
From mountain topWe are going to reach our goal soon. We went up the village to admire the cold beauty. Every step was heavier and heavier to make.
Before ascending, I came to the monastery to ask for help from the Divine Ones.

Hill Hill

The central TibetI had to catch my breath near the first hill – I could not breathe or think, and I lost track of everything. I was just a blob of flesh. But something filled me up, and I heard a scream, “Ra!”. I had big black and grey clusters in front of me. It was Ra. We both cried. He was pulling me upwards by my arm, but was too worn out to go that way. Then he began pushing me in the back. I said I would be going on my own.
The central TibetThe guide and the operator had gone far ahead. I had to go on my own, without anyone nearby. It was hard to breathe. My chest ached, and my feet got knee-deep into the snow. The ice-free gravel and snow was rolling underneath my feet. I had nothing – no stick, no crampons, nothing at all. Empty hands and a bottle of water. A gulp would help me breathe better, and I went on. 15 kilometres going up at minus 25 degrees, with a toothache, headache, chestache, and cramped muscles on my legs. Stopping means dying, and I had to go on despite the pain, clinging by the air, snow or rocks with my teeth and nails, but go on.
HillI stopped twice as my legs would refuse to go on, and I could not control them. Making a stop I leaned against a rock with my back hoping for a little rest, just very little. I was freezing. But suddenly, my pet dog appeared on my neck, biting my left ear and licking my nose. My son and daughter approached me leaning over my face, and said, “Mom, mom, get up.” They pushed me trying to move me ahead, but was too tired to go. The thought of my kids’ love and the dog boosted my spirit. I felt presence of the Divine Ones, it was they who had given me that vision, and they were trying to wake me up. I had strong pain in my chest and could not breathe, and my legs refused to go – not even one single step. But I dropped on my knees and crawled to follow the guide and the operator’s footprints. It was already dark, and the night could hide the footprints. I begged to be empowered to crawl up to the camp.
Losing my last hope to stay alive, I mustered my will, stood up and yelled out the operator’s name. The guide jumped out from below and held me. I made it, I made it! God! What a joy!
But I had a night to spend. And I had to sleep alone – it was the Divine Ones’ condition. I had never used sleeping bags, and the tent was not fixed because you can’t tie it up to the snow – or maybe, it was put up that way on purpose. The wind was always blowing from underneath as the base of the tent was like a mesh rather than fabric. Or it could be the summer type tent, and I don’t know what they look like. I put a thin mat underneath, took off wet sneakers, and went into the sleeping bag without undressing. The zipper on the bag was on the side. I put the heavy wet sneakers on my chest hoping they would not get frozen. The zipper would not get zipped, and I was almost unconscious of cold. But somebody was always waking me up. Freezing, I talked to Them. Questions, answers, and so on. I fell asleep only to be woken up and shake from cold… and talk, talk. The tent was full of creatures with glittering eyes. “Men” in raincoats, with epaulettes on their shoulders, leaned over to me to shake me off my sleep and continued to talk with me. This went on all night, and I thought I wouldn’t survive the cold and sleepiness. I was told in the morning it was 35 degrees below zero that night. I was happy the night was over and the bright sun was on, and glad to see the blinding snow.
HillIshwara had given me a stone – a copy of the sarcophagus. I had to go back down – alone again. But I was happy to go back although it was a hard way, too.
The operator made up his mind to go between the sarcophagus and the mountain, a dangerous way. It had snowed last night. In the pass, the snow was 1.5 metres high. The guide warned they would die but the operator insisted.
The operator referred to me to ask Lucifer for help on the difficult way. But Lucifer refused saying, “If you go because of egotism or to achieve glory, you will fail. If you got for glory or to confirm your physical strength, you will fail. If you go to receive spiritual and energetic experience, you will make it. Sort yourself out because you don’t have the latter”.
But the operator went on anyway. Then, Lucifer warned him, “Caution: one step, and your leg will be lost”. And that was exactly so, as I found out later on.
In mountainsOn the way back, I was happy I would see my close ones soon and that I made it no matter how difficult the road was. But adventures were far from being over. Walking on the snowy plateau and admiring the Tibetan gorgeous beauty, I noticed that although I had been walking for n hour I still could not pass the place where the Tibetans had put up little flags to worship. Everything changes underneath your feet as you walk. I seem to be moving but the flags were still at the mountain to the right of me. I reached the place where I had left half a litre of water between the rocks. It was difficult to breathe, and a gulp of water could help you move on. But there was no water. All the way back, somebody was growling at me viciously, and I clearly heard the snow settling down of weight. Something pulled me back by my knapsack. I was not scared, it just all seemed so strange.
The operator later said it was a yeti. His 1.5 litre bottle of water was lost too, and he also heard growls. There were unusual footprints on the snow near the tents – huge barefoot and relatively small ones. They hardly looked like human footprints. The operator photographed them. The Tibetan guide said that a lot of people see the yeti as they are numerous here.
I was thirsty, and since there was no water, I took out a bottle of milk from my knapsack. Of course, it was frozen, and I put it under my coat to warm it up. Then, I began squeezing it like ice cream. Licking the milk made my way easier.
Tortured by the fact that I could not pass the flags and approach the descent to the plateau, I realised I was trapped in the parallel dimension. I began rushing to and fro, but nothing around me changed. I began praying, singing mantras and other stuff, but nothing helped. I was not where I was. Exhausted and losing any hope to get out, I cried, “Lord! Get me back to my world! I am exhausted, frozen and tired! Help me!”
And then, a window opened, and a strong gush of wind flew in. when I caught my breath from the wind blowing in my face, I saw I was standing on the edge of an abyss. My guts went cold. If I had gone on, where would have I come in this world – and how?
MountainsDescending from the plateau, I found rocks sliding under my feet. Had to slide, too, or go head over heels. But I did descend. I was following the old way trying to keep to hardly visible footprints.
The next day I saw the guys who had gone to the outer side, and they told wonderful stories about their trek. The grumpy man reached the first stop and could not go on as he felt sick. The guys had had enough of him before they reached the first stop. He would drop into the snow weeping he had no power left to go on. And they would pick him up and literally drag along. They could not leave him alone and yet had little power left to carry him. The road was hard as it was, even without that burden. Having reached the stop, the grumbler paid $100 to the Tibetan to be sent to the camp on his bike.
I saw the grumbler had a burnt face and was feeling sick. For the rest of our trip, he hardly left the car sneaking out just for lunch and for the night. When we had lunch with him, he said viciously to me, “If you are the one talked about by the Gods, work a miracle”. I laughed and said that my warning was one of the miracles – the one at the Almaty office, when I said he would never make it to the mountain. He glared at me and never talked to me since then. This “never” lasted for almost two weeks. It’s really strange – we are all one pack, but I could feel his outward hate and was never able to justify it.

The central Tibet The central Tibet
The central Tibet The central Tibet

The guys told of a place by the way up where you had to leave some of your items as an offering. One of them took off his socks, the other left a glove. But the gift should be one of a pair. And so, unexplainably, the second glove disappeared. The Ukrainians, too, told wonderful stories about the place. One member of their group did not donate anything, and as a result, his camera disappeared. He was walking behind everyone else, so he could not blame anyone for the loss. But the camera was as if cut off with a knife, with a belt dangling around. See, you should follow the rules or be hit in the most vulnerable place!

The central Tibet The central Tibet
The central Tibet The central Tibet

I reached the hotel at last, took a room and was wallowing in recollections: I lived the ascension again, I recalled how I almost froze two times, I saw numerous footprints left by snow leopards, and heard their growling behind… I was terrified. I had a lump in my throat, and it took a while to soothe my hysteria. During this breakdown, the room was filled with thick fog, and you could hardly see what was around or the lamp on the ceiling. I felt presence of the Divine Ones and thanked them for saving me, for their love and care.

The central Tibet The central Tibet

And our operator got into a trouble – just like Lucifer had warned him. Reaching the estuary between the mountain and the sarcophagus, he fell through the snow down to his waist, and lost the sneaker from his right foot. It was minus 35 degrees at night, and while he was retrieving his shoe from under the snow, the sneaker got frozen so he could not put it on. He had walked 5 kilometres in a wet sock on the snow until he was helped. But he got a frostbite, and his foot turned black and blue and was swelling rapidly. He was afraid that gangrene could develop. I treated him using my hands, and he felt some tingling in his foot. However, he needed a miracle to save his foot. There were no doctors below the mountain for miles and miles, so the only way was to quickly get to a big village and seek for help. But they were so far away. The nearest town on our way was Sago. But if you move fast, you will get there in almost 10 hours. The operator took a good hold of himself but you could see his face and knew he was in great pain. I asked the Divine Ones for help, and was given a promise his foot would be okay. I still doubted that although had been many times convinced they always fulfilled their promises. The operator, too, was dubious – but did h have a choice? If a person does not believe, no miracle will help him. But miracles began in Sago.

The central Tibet The central Tibet

The city of SagoOctober 12, 2007. We went to Sago. The serpentine roads are okay, but the ones in canyons are terrible.
Сsago is located at 5,200 metres above sea level. The 10-hour trip to the town from Kailash was accompanied by clear conversations with Amun-Ra and Avine. Avine is funny, and has a deep voice. Ra told Avine was a goof friend and a gifted specialist. Ra was always trying to take Avine away from conversing with me, and I could hear them argue. But Avine managed to talk to me anyway. I promised Avine I would paint a picture of him, and he was overjoyed. Ra and Avine are unique chatterboxes.

Unique essence Unique essence

We were travelling by night, but at every stop I took photos of the sky, and my camera did catch unique beings.
Not to speak too soon, but I was spared because the guys’ faces were really. I was saved by two caps and goggles, and by the drug the operator had given to protect from the mountain snow. And then I understood it was all help from the Divine Ones.
CarOctober 13, 2007. The second car has a brake fluid leak and was taken to a service station. I asked my driver to go there. The driver parked his car on the slope and left. I though that if I left the car, t would roll down. I checked the brake lever and left the car to photograph a Tibetan vehicle with swastikas. And my car rolled down. Fantastic!

The central Tibet The central Tibet
The central Tibet The central Tibet

The central TibetWe went up to Lake Takitso. There are hot springs not far from it. It is the kingdom of the king of tigers. The village of Sogin is nearby.
The next in line was a living lake, where I performed my rite. I was yawning tears from my eyes. It was cleansing.

The central Tibet The central Tibet

I asked for permission to take a pebble from the lake, and was approached by strong energy. The master of the lake blessed the pebble and promised it would make my wish come true.
The city of SoginIn a Sogin hotel, something overfilled me so much I thought I would go flat. But there were no conversations, and everything around was squeaking and crackling. I began coughing, and was released.
The operator is really sick. But when we were in Sago, we were lucky to have a Tibetan there who had a European medical degree. He prescribed shots to the operator, which stopped the gangrene for a while. I had a frostbite, too. But the frost affected only the toe on my left foot. And it was constantly injected by the Divine Ones. It was not pleasant at all, but They saved it. The black gradually dissipated, and the nail peeled off.
We had to hurry back home because the patient was really bad. He had to have his necrotic skin cut off and pus cleaned.
When we were going to the town of Ali, we were stopped at the checkpoint and told foot-and-mouth disease was everywhere. So we had to go up into the mountains and take a road. The second car got a flat tire by the checkpoint. In my eyes, I saw incredible colours and various shapes of the “other” ones.
OperatorThe operator was getting worse and worse. The crisis lasted for five days. Our cheeks and noses peel off like snake skins. Once in the mountains for the detour, we were told on the radio the second car had a wheel torn off. How terrible! It could have gone down an abyss because we were going at a good speed along a narrow sloping road, seeing no barriers around. The wheel that had had a flat was torn off. We had to back up to get closer to the damaged car because we could not make a U-turn. I left the car and began photographing the sky. There were a lot of crosses, just like in the picture where we passed through the first gate in the Takla Makan Desert.
The central TibetBut as soon as we set off, the second car had a punctured wheel again. The driver was going to replace the wheel in the middle of the road hoping no one would take the road at that hour. All of a sudden, a truck sped down, and another one was going up full speed. Terrified, the guys jumped off the car. But both vehicles managed to slow down just in time, otherwise we would have had a real trouble.
We were going along a very bumpy road, it was a dark night, and we were all sleepy. When you fall asleep on the way, your neck muscles get relaxed. Same with me, and as soon as I fell asleep, the car went into a huge pit. My neck crackled, and I saw stars. At the same time, I had a prickling feeling between my thumb and index finger, and the pain in my neck went away completely.
I have been convinced many times that the Divine Ones control every moment of my life, my thoughts and movements. And they would always come to help when I had problems. Isn’t it great to be accompanied by such forces!
Late at night, we arrived in a town but did not even have dinner. We were exhausted by the bumpy road and fell asleep immediately. I never remembered my night dreams during all stops on my trip – but I still remember this one.
I am at my own wedding, wearing a snow-white formal costume and white high-heels. I am handed a huge egg. It is dense but I know that inside it is half-filled with a bundle of energy. Holding the egg, I go down the hill following the road. There is a ditch by the road, and a man offers me his hand. I cross the ditch and realise the man is offering his hand for the third time. This was a man with straight black hair bundled up in a bob on the back of his head. He is wearing absolutely black clothes. His face is very firm but handsome. He looks so much familiar to me, and I try to recall who he is – but cannot tell.

The central Tibet The central Tibet

The central TibetWe left the town, and again winter changed autumn.
Indeed, the dream comes true! Arriving in Ali, we put the patient to a hospital and went shopping. By 3:00 PM I felt really bad. I had a pain in my neck and the celiac plexus, and began panting as if I were in the mountains. Leaving the guys in the shop I rushed to the hotel. I hardly made it there only to drop on the bed and feel a flow of tenderness all over my body. Something was knocking in the room as if a cable was dropping down striking against the floor cover. Ishwara had come by 8:00 PM. My state was critical, and all blood vessels seemed to be blowing up in my body. We had a conversation anyway. Something was bubbling to my left during the conversation, now a low sound and then a pitched one. All furniture was crackling, and everything seemed to be jumping around. I felt bad the next day, too.
On the way to the city of KyrgylygOn the way to the town of Kyrgylyg, we saw a donkey bazaar, lined up waiting for a buyer.
Once in my room, I felt alien energy. Somebody had been waiting for me to finish my records, listening to my thoughts attentively. But it is hard to feel bad, and I asked them to step farther away, and my request was met.
RoadOctober 18, 2007. We came to Kashgar. A beautiful city. When we had been going to the mountain, the trees were green, and now, upon return, the were clad in gold.
In the hotel lobby, I was met by the Divine Ones who restored my health, so from now on I felt like a newborn baby. I really liked that Tibetan chest put up in the lobby – great craftsmanshift.

The city of Kashgar The city of Kashgar
The city of Kashgar The city of Kashgar
The city of Kashgar The Tibetan chest

Hurrah! We crossed the Chinese border into Kyrgyzstan, and now were going home. The operator was admitted to a hospital, and the doctors wondered the gangrene did not expand. They took off the skin from his foot and were about to do new skin grafting. But the skin began improving, and a month later he could already lean on his leg. A miracle! But they are miracles only when you believe them to be so! They will never help a materialist because lack of faith puts up a solid barrier and prevents the Divine Ones from helping you. But the miracles are always here, it’s just we hardly pay attention to them. And we shouldn’t!

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