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Main Book Lhasa, Eastern Tibet
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Adventures in my life would never fit ordinary human perception of the world.
When you disregard miracles, your very existence seems routine. But when you do pay attention to them, they will get into the limelight.
Before going to Eastern Tibet, we the group of three from Almaty had to go to Urumqi, China. Of course, a stopover in a hotel could in no way change my conscience or predict that I would soon touch the sacred things that hide so many Mysteries.
A year before my trip to Egypt, on June 9, 2006, at 3:00 PM, influenced by the Divine Ones, I lay on my bed. Immediately, a man appeared in my room looking like a Lamaist monk. His skin was coated with a gold film and looked like parchment. I was greatly surprised by numerous wrinkles on his face. The man looked like he was so old I couldn’t even tell. His eyes had no pupils but did move for sure. Both the skin and the eyes were gold-coloured. His face was lit by a beam from a yellow column which suddenly appeared and was crumbling to golden dust. The column was throbbing, and numerous particles, glowing gold, were falling down all around. The column was directing the gold light on to the man and introduced it as Tsongkhapa. At that time, I did not know who Tsongkhapa was.
I was then shown black mountains and, between them, a peak with a snow cap. A fiery ball was glowing on the snow-capped top.
Very tall creatures with snow-white skin, which looked bluish in the shadow, appeared between the mountains. The creatures had black-and-blue slanting eyes without pupils, and long arms with five fingers. Their bodies were skinny, and their heads were heart-shaped and bald.
The gold column repeated the word Asciles, Asciles, for me to remember it, and then everything disappeared.
I had fun watching this vision, and did not understand what or who I was shown. Anyway, the vision settled deep in my memory.
Once I returned from Egypt and Jordan, I was struck by the thought, I need to go to Tibet. Why would I need Tibet? It’s boring, it has no sea, it’s deserted, and has no amenities for a civilised person.
But something had been torturing me with thought about Tibet. My soul was like in the grip, and I could not breathe easily. Exhausted, I decided, Tibet it is! And the grip relaxed immediately. Lightness in my body, deep breath, calm nights, absolute perception of joy and love in the surrounding world.
In Urumqi, we stayed at a hotel which offered a number of amenities. However, my new acquaintance and I restrained ourselves to the swimming pool with a jacuzzi.
We were amused by the fact that the hotel did not allow mundane clothes. Everyone was given special clothes: a shirt looking like kimono, trousers, slippers and briefs (if you go to the bath or for a massage). We giggled.
In poolAfter dinner, we picked up the camera and went to the swimming pool. We enjoyed our swimming in bubbling water and of course took photos – what a miracle! A creature was hanging over me! It was difficult to clearly see those creatures on Mount Sinai photos – but in this case, we could. I felt the presence of the other in my room. My body was covered with waves of energy which transferred their tenderness and love. Later, I understood that when tenderness is transferred to me, those creatures come with the good.
Next morning, when we came to the airport to depart for Lhasa, a young guy from our group began exercising – sniff the other people’s energy. The youth never made a mistake. Our game at the airport looked like two crazy persons were tagging the invisible.
Before boarding, a huge ball of energy stood up in front of me. If you cut foil in triangles and arrange them in the sunlight in the shape of a ball, this is exactly what stood up in front of me. It was iridescent playing with every triangle. The triangles were entering and exiting each other and glittered all colours of the rainbow. An inconceivable sight!
I asked to be photographed within a meter away, but no ball was seen in the picture. What a pity! But you shouldn’t wait for the clandestine. If it entered your life, it will stay. And this is exactly what’s going on until now.
On board, I felt strong pain in my chest, nausea and the taste of iron in my mouth. My heart was beating like that of a rabbit. Not understanding what was going on, I was swallowing the air with my mouth, breathing heavily. This lasted for about 30 minutes, but what is funny is that someone made me take a notepad and a pen and put down information. When I read it I giggled thinking I was going crazy again. As soon as closed the notepad, I forgot about it.
We were met by a guide at the airport, and we took a bus to Lhasa – 3,600 metres above sea level. How terrible!

On the way to the city of Lhasa Our guide

Places with scant vegetation but picturesque vistas accompanied us all the way to the city.

Tunnel The city of Lhasa

We passed a mountain through a deep tunnel, and now we are in Lhasa. We stayed at the part of the city where the Tibetans lived an worked. The city is subdivided into two parts: Chinese and Tibetan.

The city of Lhasa The city of Lhasa

August 12, 2007. Early morning, we got up to set out on a pilgrimage to Labrang Monastery. It was founded in 1709. it is located very high – 2,929 metres above sea level. We walked for almost 3 kilometres. It was difficult to go up. Drums were rattling un my head, and I my chest ached. Apples and pears were sold on the way up, and something told me I could make my way easier if I eat an apple and a pear. Taking the hint, I bought some apples and pears, offered some to my companions and ate one of each fruit. I felt my breath and walk becoming lighter. Miraculous fruit, indeed.

Monk Monk

We met some monks in the way, who were chanting a mantra, OMMANIPADMEDHUM. They were given money for that. When we went up to the monastery, we found there was a feast of sour milk, or Shoton in the Tibetan language.

Sacred drums Prayful hall

We turned the sacred drums and entered the prayer room. The walls were brightly coloured, and I took a photo of the being that was accompanying me.

Sculpture Сloth

I was frantically looking for sculptures of Tsongkhapa everywhere. Before I left for Tibet, I read the Tibetan book of the dead and familiarised myself with the history of Tibet. In this monastery, I took a picture of something looking like Tsongkhapa.
The feast of Shoton includes stretching of a huge woven screen with the image of Buddha on the mountain. Pilgrims from different countries come here to have a look at the screen. When I came back to the hotel, tired but filled up with energy of the monastery, I decided to take a shower before dinner. When taking shower and drying myself, I was feeling a hand on my right side, near the waist. I was turning around trying to put away the hugging hand but could succeed only after I got dressed.
Fun for the other. They see us in a different way, hear our thoughts and successfully participate in all aspects of human life. The see us – we don’t see them. And we cannot resist their interference with our lives.

Monastery of Gumbum Yaks

August 13, 2007. We left for Gumbum Monastery where the remains of Tsongkhapa, the founder of Lamaism, are buried. It was founded in 1577. We could use yaks to go up – but on second thought I refused to do so, having recalled my camel ride.

IshwaraI have already described what happened to me when I encountered the presence of Ishwara. This is a description to the «Manifestation» picture.
The other never ceased visiting my room. Their presence was felt not only in the shower room but also in my bed.

Evening city Evening city

That evening, we had a long walk in the city visiting different snack bars. After that, we hired a rickshaw to go home. My companion decided to photograph us in the carriage, and there was the other in the frame. She was surprised to see the creature when browsing through the pictures. I have already described this case in the Photographs section.
Monastery of PotaloWe departed for Potalo Monastery, and the miracles followed us.
I have described these photos for the Potalo Monastery picture and in the photo description. The photos display the Almaty time.

Monastery of Siera Monastery of Siera

August 14, 2007. We departed for Siera Monastery. A cosy monastery. Few people, and we could enjoy the mantra chanting during the mess.

Monastery Painted stones

There is another monastery not far from Siera. It boasts its structures and vast area. Of course, it is not as big as Lavran. If my records are correct, that monastery is called Pabonka. It is surrounded with rocks depicting stories of Buddha’s life.
Central square of the city of Lhasa
Once back in Lhasa, we visited Drepung Monastery. The central square with traders’ tents can be seen from the roof of the monastery.


Lhasa Lhasa

I did not feel the presence of “the other” because of crowds of people. But their presence is strong back in the room.

Summer residence of the Dalaj-llama Summer residence of the Dalaj-llama
Summer residence of the Dalaj-llama Summer residence of the Dalaj-llama

Summer residence of the Dalaj-llamaAugust 15, 2007. We visited the summer residence of Dalai Lama – Norbu-Linga Garden. Dalai Lama’s palace wallows in potted flowers. Very beautiful. In the palace, I did feel my hands touched and my head stroked. I really wanted to sit down in some nook, close my eyes and fall into oblivion for hours. It took me great efforts to push myself out of the palace rooms. Room keepers saw my torments and obviously understood everything, and accompanied me everywhere with smiles on their faces.
Representations In the garden close to the palace, the Tibetans staged shows. On the stage at the other end of the garden, they played modern pop music. We had planned to visit Potalo Monastery on that day, and on August 16, ascend to the sacred Drak Sum Lake, 260 km away from Lhasa, at 2,990 metres above sea level.
We saw a train on the way there. It was a real Tibetan wonder as planes do not fly here, so people use only pack animals and cars.
Nigma pop group has a song called The Train from Lhasa.
StatueWe were going higher and higher. Our ears were stuffed up because of pressure, but there were no big problems. You have to do justice to the Tibetan authorities: the roads in Eastern Tibet are good, and there was almost no jolting on the road like in Central Tibet.

Local youth Local youth

Once at the lake, we settled at a hotel and met local youth.
Night lakeAfter dinner, warmed up by red wine, we went on a tour of the lake by night to experience new adventures. After we got cold, we decided to go back to the hotel. But the road was covered in a mist, and no light could be seen anywhere. I felt the Father of the Universe appear. I was pressed so much I fell on my knees and could get up only after he finished his monologue for my friends. He then said that He had built a spiral in the clouds, and if we followed it direction, we would get to the hotel. Like blind kittens, we groped forward in complete darkness. Looking up in the sky – and not believing our eyes – we began moving where the spiral was directing us. Suddenly, a big star appeared in the sky. It was moving chaotically like a graph curve: upward, downward, to the right, to the left. It looked as if it was searching for something. We noted that satellites or airplanes never move that way. I began photographing it. But as soon as I used the flash, a ray from the star beamed on us. We began jumping and yelling, “We love you! We love you!” The star, as if soothed by finding what it had been looking for, chaotically disappeared from the sky. We had a long discussion of this phenomenon and were excited because my companions had never before encountered the other world, and saw the unexplainable for the third time.
That night in the hotel, I was suffocating because of presence of the other energy. I felt that enormously heavy slabs of energy surrounded me on all sides, and I was in the midst like a nail in a vice.

Lake Lake

August 16, 2007. In the morning, we went to the lake for meditation. Bur before that, we visited a small monastery nearby.

Monastery Monastery

As soon as we entered the monastery yard, I was approached by the energy that had suffocated me all the night. This was a pain swelling in my chest. Just dull infinite pain. I ran around the monastery and went out – and the pain was dissipated immediately. This is it. The conclusion is clear – presence of the “other”.
Situations are weird sometimes. We had planned to go to the lake on August 16 but went on the 15th. There was a mudslide on the 16th which blocked all roads to the lake, and we could go down only after the roads were cleared.

Trip on lake Trip on lake

Trip on lakeThe Divine Ones had planned our tour. We could have not got to the lake at all due to the mudslide, and no night contact could have been made. But things work in a wonderful way! We did not get in Potalo Monastery, strange as it may seem, because there were no tickets available. And we had got to the lake before the mudslide. Mighty works!
August 17, 2007. Our guide had no trouble getting tickets to Potalo Monastery, and our small group of tourists went there.
Monastery of PotaloTo the guide’s surprise – to his great surprise, the monastery looked deserted. I was alone in places where the Divine Ones sent information to me. I had a feeling of love and care, very soft and clear energy.

Monastery of Potalo Monastery of Potalo

There were stone slabs with sacred inscriptions near the monastery walls, and we touched those slabs.
There was a small lake with picturesque buildings near the palace. Filled with joy, we went to the airport to go to Chengdu, another Chinese city.

Park - the Gold goatThere is no need to describe all of our tours. However, the Gold Goat Park was most interesting.
Statue of a goatThe statue of the goat is so much worn out by tourists’ rubbing that its bronze is shining like gold. An old belief holds it that if you have an aching organ, just rub it against the goat, and your pain will go away.


The central park The central park

The city’s central park is crowded with people every day. They dance, play chess, sing or exercise Dao in every corner of the park. A great and open-hearted people. They don’t care what other people might think of their exercising – they just enjoy living in their world.
The bazaar is conveniently located among small water bodies with red fish and great buildings with national architecture.

Garden Panda

A huge garden where pandas are grown. We met the tiny ones who were just born, and also bigger – and lazier – bears. We were told that pandas are so lazy they don’t want to make love, so special sex movies are shown to them. This is strange – can pandas really get roused because they are not creatures of conscience? Pity that the city had been ruined by an earthquake. At the airport, we were taking turns telling “flight” stories. And I though that when the three of us began telling airplane stories, something bad could happen – and indeed, I was right.
Our plane from Chengdu to Urumqi was delayed, and we failed to fly to Almaty from Urumqi because the Kazakhstani plane had already taken off without waiting for us. We had to spend the night in Urumqi, after we kicked up a row for a room to be provided to us at the airport’s cost. Still, we had a funny night, and the next morning safely landed in Almaty.

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