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When I stepped on the boarding ramp of the plane departing for the Egyptian resort Sharm el-Sheikh in the Sinai Peninsula, my heart beating hard, I hoped that n one of the other will be watching me. I was already rejoicing in my heart hoping for an ultimate freedom, and indeed, I did not feel the other in my field.
And now, our plane landed in Aktau for refuelling, and the passengers were notified that Egypt was not yet ready to receive us, and so we were losing two hours.
Oh no, I did not get upset! I had a book, and my spare time is always filled up with reading.
Happy because of lack of control, anticipating the new and unknown yet familiar thanks to books, films and stories was filling me with joy. Nothing could change that unless the flight was cancelled – but it was not.
Something different happened... Amun-Ra appeared unexpectedly to inform that we were about to take off as They had resolved the situation. Oh no! I am not alone again! Indeed, as soon as Ra left my field, the captain announced all problems had been settled, and we took off.
Airborne, I was feeling ultimate freedom and began thinking “my creatures” had been left over in Kazakhstan. But at the Egyptian airport, I was “met”.

Hotel Hotel

I arrived at my hotel. It is gorgeous: a five-star hotel with a great interior. When I was shown to my room, the door would not open. Not matter how hard the employees were trying – it just would not yield. The season is always rich in tourists, and so there are no vacant rooms.
They had to accommodate me in a VIP room, with a separate entrance and a guard. What a miracle!
Red Sea The Red Sea was nearby, but I was not able to swim there. The shore was covered with sharp corals. And I was afraid to jump from a pier protruding in the sea, as I cannot stand the depth. The best depth for me is up to my chest, enough to feel safe. But my goal (I mean, their goal) was not stretching by the water, and so I resisted my wishes. For everything was set to meet their wishes rather than mine.
Red SeaI had to include visits to historical sites in my schedule. I did not know where or when I was going to have a contact. I was about to take part in all tours, but They had selected the ones I needed to spare me those that are not important.
Climbing Mount Sinai was the first one. I am familiar with the history of Egypt and its holy sites, and so quickly found a common ground with my guide.
As we were going to the mountain, we exchanged expertise and learned a lot from each other. I was able to change the guide’s view of the world, and he led several more tours after that.
It was very difficult to ascend the mountain. It was a steep ascension, and the rolling rocks and icy wind did not help step up. But we had to. We needed to complete ascension by the sunrise.
CamelMany people could not bear it any more and got on camels to get to the next site. But they had to walk after that, no matter how hard it was.
The more we wanted to get up by the sunrise, the less power remained. The mountain is 2,285 metres above sea level, and lack of oxygen and sharp pulsing in my head were really bad. Sometimes I thought I would go down either without brains or kidneys because of the icy wind. In fact, this happened to many people – they got sick really bad. An Arab was kind enough to give me a coat and a shawl. It took us three hours of continuous walk to reach the top. I tell you, this was hard.
Moses’ Mount The last leg covered the so called stairs to the sky.
And, oh joy, overcoming a pin in my chest and panting, I got up the top. It used to be called Mount Horeb, and it was where Moses received the Ten Commandments.
This is why it became known as Moses’ Mount.

Kind from mountain Moiseja Kind from mountain Moiseja

The guide explained that those who got sick after the ascension did not get absolution and God’s grace.
I was not hoping for absolution, leave alone God’s grace. As the descending time came, I felt a huge inflow of power.

Kind from mountain Moiseja Kind from mountain Moiseja

Once on top of the mountain, I decided to take a picture of the west – the night, and the east – the dawn. A miracle! But alien spaceships got into the frame. The difference between the photos is 11 minutes. You can’t tell the ships moved eastward because they are totally different. Those were my first documented confirmations of the other world.
I bought some coffee from an Arab house. Wrapped up in a blanket, shivering from cold and breathing on my freezing fingers, I felt being enveloped in something soft, fluffy and hot. It was tenderly penetrating my body. Inexplicable joy was beating in each cell, in my vessels and bones – all over my flesh. I felt woozy as if drunk.
Maybe it was God’s grace, or was it the joy from the Other?!
Sacred Ekaterina's monasteryOnce down, we approached St. Catherine’s Monastery by the bottom of the mountain.
It is a real fortress! But the greatest thing I saw in the monastery was the legendary Burning Bush.
Sacred bushTourists are supposed to take something home from the places they’ve been to. I brought a unique piece of a meteorite from Mount Sinai. And from the monastery, I brought a twig of the sacred bush.
There is a wall with cracks at the base of the bush, and tourists write their wishes and insert them into those cracks.
Glow in a power sphereAs the saying goes, this bush was in flames when Moses saw God in it. As far as I know, Moses could not see God but only hear Him. What we call the flame was a glow in the energy ball. You are familiar with this fire from a photo with my dog.
MonasteryA great monastery with unique icons, ancient books and architecture.
Travelling in Egypt, I noticed a great number of Christian temples. However, having talked to many Arabs who spoke Russian, I realised there was hate between Muslims and Christians. All Christians have Christ tattooed their right wrist. A Christian woman will not marry a Muslim, and a Muslim will not marry a Christian. But this does not prevent the Arabs from marrying the CIS women.
You rarely see Arab women outside, and when you do, they are all wrapped so you can only see their eyes. Only men do all the work. Isn’t it great!
The Chinese museumThe next tour was to the Cairo museum. It was wonderful to see the book of the dead that I had read all over, and see the ancient epoch and its attributes with my own eyes, not on TV!
I wanted to go to the mummy section but was not able to exchange US dollars anywhere. Later on, the Divine Ones explained that this could have caused harm to my unprepared conscience because a flow of such contacts could damage my brain cells. Dear heart! No matter how much you want to do or see something, you won’t unless the Divine Ones concede. Period!
One early morning, as I was walking along the Red Sea coast thinking of humankind, I heard a low whisper behind my back. I turned around and saw no one, so I hurried back to the hotel. On the way back, I felt an invisible powerful hand hug me by the waist and pull. I felt some density near my right shoulder and jumped off, scared.
- “Who are you?” I exclaimed.
– “Ramesses!” was the answer.
– “How’s that? Which Ramesses? The First, the Second, or what?” I laughed.
– “No-no. It was people who deified themselves with my name, and I have been in charge of this area for more than a million years.”
How funny! I thought that if I was able to feel the density, I could possibly see him, too. But I did not pin too much hope on that.
At 3:00 AM something woke me up, and I sat up in my bed, my eyes bulging, my heart beating rapidly. A lot of triangular yellow glowing eyes were swimming before me. They had a shape of an isosceles triangle turned upside down. I was horrified although the eyes were not scary at all. But all my body was shivering and sweating cold, and my conscience yielded to fear, an unimaginable fear!
I heard thoughts: “She is scared. Fear, you have to remove fear…” and something like that. I realised I was not thinking because I was not able to think due to stupor and numbness of my thinking capacity.
The eyes disappeared, and a small luminous dot appeared. It began growing fast to turn into a huge man. His chest was covered with a gold shield with some signs and the sun depicted in the middle. He had gold armbands. Hid thighs were decorated with gold plates hardly covering his genitals. Weird sandals were on his feet. His long wavy hair was chestnut-coloured and his eyes, bright green. Humans never have such eyes. The body was a mass of muscles looking harmoniously, not like those of body-builders. He was glowing from inside. However, this did not prevent me from scrutinising him. I had enough time to see every detail.
He then smiled broadly to show snow-white teeth, came up to my bed and put his right foot on my pillow. Having exercised his calf muscles, he asked:
– “Do you like it? Am I ugly?”
– “Who are you?” I asked in embarrassment.
– “Ramesses!” he said screwing up a smile.
– “Keep away from me!” was the only thing that crossed my mind.
And he disappeared. He was talking to me telepathically, and I was answering him. The thoughts were clear, and the tone differed.
CairoThe next tour was to the pyramids, and there was one more trip to Cairo.
Three years before I had an idea to go somewhere, something unexplainable happened to me.
I was sitting in my room reading a detective story and suddenly felt someone push me strongly in my back as if with a pillow. The first thing I realised was that I was not home any more.
I was facing the sphinx, with another sphinx to the left of it. I was close to the right paw of the sphinx on my side, or the left one of the monument. If you stretch your hand to the right, at right angle, there is a big pyramid there. I wear a long greyish flax tunic. There are some decorations on my sleeves. I was approached by some dark-skinned people, and I realise they are slaves. They put a huge black sarcophagus in front of me. I am not sure whether it was made from stone or polished ebony. They opened it and took out a smaller gold sarcophagus with quaint inscriptions and drawings. Having taken it out, they stepped aside and turned their backs to me. I pronounced the word and opened the gold sarcophagus, although it looked like it did not have any cracks or lines suggesting where it could be opened. I remember the feeling of excitement and impatience, as if I was afraid I wouldn’t find things dear to my heart in it. Having opened the sarcophagus, I saw a lot of scrolls – but I was not interested in them at all. I rummaged in them to find a ball. When I took it out, I was not surprised about what it was. I just took my ease that it was there. The ball was glowing neon and had a lot of constellations inside. A small dot was throbbing at the wall of the ball. I knew it was out planet. Relaxed because the ball was there, I put it back into the sarcophagus and covered it with the scrolls. I pronounced the word again, and the sarcophagus closed. I gave a sign to the slaves – they turned around, put the gold sarcophagus into the black one, and carried it away into the pyramid. I had to make sure the black sarcophagus was positioned in the right way in the pyramid. I don’t know how it happened but I dropped onto the bottom of the pyramid like a blob of jelly. My battered behind ached for quite a while after that. I stood up and walked around the black sarcophagus to make sure it was positioned right in the centre, under the cone of the pyramid. Then, in a strange way, I flew out through the cone. I was so high that when I looked down I saw tiny pyramids.
“OK, enough of flying”, I heard Amun-Ra’s voice. And I found myself at home again. What a miracle! But after this miracle, my body was aching because of bad landing.
The word Giza-Degiza or something like that was in my head. I went to my friend, and she explained that there is a place in Egypt with this name. Giza is the area with the great pyramids. There is no end to my surprise. And it is always with a feeling of mystery that I recall this adventure.
Giza - Pyramids While on a tour to Giza, we went to the pyramids.
It was weird that no one wanted to go to the big pyramid but rather went to the smaller ones. But it’s OK, I am not afraid, and will go on my own. Resolved, I stepped on to the board leading to the pyramid and up.
SphinxWhen going up, I touched the interior walls of the pyramid and had small electric discharges underneath my palm. The higher I went to get into the main room, the stronger the heat was. My hands – and probably my face – turned red. I was sweating all over. I had a feeling of being under an invisible shower which was washing off all worldly thoughts, and all my life here.
When I entered the room I saw long vague silhouettes along the walls. I passed each of them to feel a touch to my head. But every time I had a touch, I felt a strong blow inside as if responding to their touches.
At last, I went down to breathe in the hot sunny air. Not seeing or hearing what’s going on around me, I left the pyramid in wet clothes, from neck to heels. When I came to my senses, I thought I might need a stone from that pyramid. This is what all tourists do, and that is why the pyramid security is so harsh. However, I managed to get a stone from between huge rocks.
When I got on my bus, I had a lot of sour looks because my fellow tourists had been waiting for me for quite a while. I plonked myself on to the seat in absolutely wet clothes, which disconcerted our driver, and made me feel uncomfortable.

The river Nile The river Nile

The Nile, the Nile! So many legends told about you, and you are so magnificent! The river separates the city of the living from the city of the dead.
Singing statuesWe approached the singing statues, I heard a muffled moan. Turning around, I saw no one who could moan that way, expressing unbearable suffering.
Approaching the right statue with my guide, I gesticulated that I need to go to the palace to the right of the statue. The guide looked surprised and asked if I had been here before. But I have never visited Egypt in this life.

palace of Queen Hatshepsut palace of Queen Hatshepsut

We came up to the palace of Queen Hatshepsut, and I was enveloped by immense anguish. I could not soothe my soul or explain why it was happening to me.
Queen Hatshepsut had ruled Egypt for 30 years, having announced herself the daughter and wife of Amun-Ra. During her reign, there were no wars, and Egypt’s wealth increased significantly. When she died, her servants never found her body or clothes – she just disappeared.

Temple of god of the sun of Amona Ra Temple of god of the sun of Amona Ra
Temple of god of the sun of Amona Ra Temple of god of the sun of Amona Ra
Temple of god of the sun of Amona Ra Temple of god of the sun of Amona Ra

We then went to Luxor, Karnak, the temple of Amun-Ra, the god of the sun. I felt sick in that temple, and somebody might have been accompanying me. I don’t know why but I wanted escape as soon as possible – but not before I touch everything with my hand. I took off like a shot from a gun and was waiting for my group at the entrance for more than an hour.
ShipsWe rented a boat and had a tour on the Nile. Bending over, I touched the water of the sacred river of Egypt.



Temple Temple
Temple Temple

When visiting the temples, you can’t grasp the grandeur and craftsmanship of the people who put their imagination and hard labour into the stone to last for centuries.

Autosafari Autosafari

AutosafariThe wonderful safari trip was marked not only by the annoying jolting of my body but also by meetings with a wonderful people.
The Bedouins are a state within a state. We’ve seen a lot of movies about residents of the Sahara Desert clad in black, armed to the teeth, darting on their horses. Vehement and desperate people.
CamelsFor someone, a camel ride might be great – not for me though.
Being high above the ground is okay. But when the camel steps with its front legs into places much lower than where its hind legs are now, it is somewhat creepy. Trip on camelsYou have to cling to the pommel, your feet get chafed, and because you squeeze your fingers, they get chafed too. All you can do is wait till the trip ends. You are lucky if your camel is calm and well-bred, but mine was sexually aroused. In the whole flock, there was a female in an interesting situation. Her croup was covered with a sack to avert other camels. But mine was obviously in love and chased the female pushing off the other camels, paying little attention to the rider, on rocks and close to precipice with a sea splashing below. I could fall down at any time, and awareness of the real danger made me cling to the saddle even stronger. And my unbridled camel was reaching the female and trying to cover her, jumping and hopping. I had never experienced anything like that. It was more than a nightmare. Fortunately, I did not fall down, and swore to myself – no more camels in my life. Never!

Shop of jewels Shop of jewels
Shop of jewels Shop of jewels

There is a duty-free shop for tourists where you can buy great coral beads of various colours and tints. Gemstones of different sizes – enough to enthral you. But they are all so costly.

Holiday Easter Holiday Easter

My trip to Egypt coincided with the Christian Easter. I really wanted to go to Israel to celebrate Easter. All the more, there is a tour from Egypt. But I am a tourist from a Muslim country, and was refused the visa. I was told, do come at any time – except for Easter time. Tourists from Russia and Ukraine did go there, I all I had to do was sigh. Well, maybe next time.
Artists and clothsArtists exhibit their paintings on the hotel compound, and anyone can pose for a portrait.
When I was leaving for the airport, I had to wait in the lobby because it was too early. Ramesses came, and we had a conversation. I looked frozen from aside. But I was afraid to move as might have lost the clear sound and connection with the other world. Employees were passing trying not to disturb me in my stupor.

I was seen off to the airport, and met by “my own ones” at home.
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